First Bloom of 2014

At last, something has bloomed.  It has seemed an eternity…to find anything!

First bloom of 2014 - Skunk Cabbage

First bloom of 2014 – Skunk Cabbage

While it was the only species that we found in bloom, there are several species beginning to show signs of new, GREEN, growth!  Another sign that spring is coming…albeit very, very slowly.

I accompanied about a dozen others who joined Jennifer Viggiani (Open Space Coordinator, Town of Clifton Park) for one of her monthly stewardship walks; this one occurred at the Dwaas Kill Nature Preserve.  The Town sponsors each walk at a different nature preserve, park or trail to inform residents of these wonderful open space areas as well as to engage users in an on-site review of the condition and management challenges of each property.

If you haven’t accompanied Jen on one of these, I highly recommend it.  View the schedule of upcoming walks.  To RSVP for a future walk, contact Jen at

Happy Spring!


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