First wildflower bloom of the forest – 2014

At last!

As I was visually scouring the landscape conducting my wildflower inventory along the woodland trail at Shenantaha Creek Park today, I spied this –

Round-lobed Hepatica

Round-lobed Hepatica










The leaves of several other species are beginning to emerge (Trout Lily, Squirrel Corn, Mouse-ear Chickweed, Common Cinquefoil…).  Even better, I found three Wake Robins that had not only emerged but also had grown about 3″ this past week; two of them already had a flower bud forming as well.  Albeit slowly, things are beginning to take on a green “tinge” as plant life is re-emerging after a rather lengthy winter.

While at the park, I also heard/saw:  American goldfinches, tufted titmouse, black-capped chickadees, white-breasted nuthatches, wood frogs and spring peepers.

Happy trails!


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