Elderberries ripening now!

Fruit of Common Elderberry

Fruit of Common Elderberry

This native shrub is found throughout the area, typically found in open areas with moist soils. Read more about Common Elderberry from a sample page from one of my wildflowers guides.

Only the blue or purple berries of elderberry are edible. Edible berries and the flower are used for medicine, dyes for basketry, arrow shafts, flute, whistles, clapper sticks, and folk medicine. Fruits of elderberry are gathered from the wild for wine, jellies, candy, pies, and sauces. (Source: http://plants.usda.gov/plantguide/pdf/cs_sanic4.pdf)

Read how to pick and cook elderberries.

Read how to can elderberry juice and to freeze elderberries.

for Elderberry Crunch Bread
for Elderberry Gummies
for Elderberry Jam
for Elderberry Jelly
for Elderberry Liqueur
for Elderberry Pie
for Elderberry Wine
from Norm’s Farms
from Pinterest

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