A summery autumn Sunday

The sun arose to a beautiful day.  Despite the sunshine, the air retained an autumn chill this morning.  Great day for a walk.

I headed to Historic Champlain Canalway Trail in the Town of Halfmoon to check out the early fall colors.Fall color along Historic Champlain Canalway TrailMost ash trees are already bare and, surprisingly, quite a few red maples are nearly so.

Despite all that, there were a few flowers, other than the late-season asters, that were in bloom.

Indian Mustard

Indian Mustard plus a couple of Bouncing Bets

End-of-the-season fruit also provided their own splashes of color…

Cranberry Viburnum fruit

Cranberry Viburnum fruit

Fruit of Summer Grape

Fruit of Summer Grape

Today’s outing also provided the opportunity to see and hear a number of songbirds and waterfowl, including American goldfinches, song sparrows, white-throated sparrows, belted kingfishers, blue jays, wood ducks, red-tailed hawk, Canada geese, and a double-crested cormorant.

Looking north along Historic Champlain Canalway Trail S of Brookwood Road

Looking north along Historic Champlain Canalway Trail south of Brookwood Road

Be sure to take time to enjoy the fall colors as landscape views will be noticeably changing each week.  Happy trails!


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