Vischer Ferry Sunset will close-out Town of Clifton Park 2015 Calendar

The Town of Clifton Park has compiled its 2015 calendar from a selection of winning photos submitted to two photo contests conducted earlier in 2014.  The “Open Space and Nature Day Photo Contest” sought entries from residents and visitors with the goal of encouraging them to enjoy the outdoors.  The second contest, “Art in Everyday Life,” sought entries that represented the artist’s interpretation of this theme in photographic images.

One of my entries, entitled “Vischer Ferry Sunset,” was selected for the December photo of this calendar as a result of it being selected a first place winner in the “Landscapes” category of the Open Space and Nature Day Photo Contest.  All entries were photographed at any of eight nature preserves or parks located in the town.  The Open Space and Nature Day was hosted by the Town Board and its Open Space, Trails & Riverfront Advisory Committee on May 17.

View the 2015 calendar.  Read more about it and how to obtain your copy from the Office of Parks, Recreation and Community Affairs at Town Hall, One Town Hall Plaza, between 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.

On December 1, the Town Board recognized the winning entries and the associated artists at the beginning of its regular board meeting.




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