Songs of spring

Today’s sunshine was too inviting to not take the opportunity for a walk outside.  I headed to Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve.

I walked along the West Towpath, keeping my eyes on the red maples in hopes of seeing some blooms of its unique flowers.  No such luck.  What I did see, however, was another sign of the certainty that spring is coming…even if ever so slowly.  I saw my first great blue heron of the season!  And, I heard a single song sparrow singing its distinctive and cheerful serenade.

I then walked along East Towpath and returned to the parking lot adjoining the Whipple Bridge via the trail to Clute’s Dry Dock.  I carefully inspected each hazelnut shrub that I encountered, but none of them were displaying any of the colorful but tiny unique female flowers that are among the earliest of spring’s blooming wildflowers.  But, I did see some wood ducks and I heard yet another bird song heralding the return of spring:  that of a belted kingfisher!

Alas, be patient everyone.  We shall all be rewarded with the true return of spring…when it is good and ready to do so!

Please view my wildflower field guide for this preserve.

Happy trails!


First bloom!

Although the landscape (particularly in the woods) belies it –

Atop steep ridge overlooking Peter Desroches Memorial Trails

Atop steep ridge overlooking Peter Desrochers Memorial Trails

…there is a vernal stirring that cannot be denied…

Skunk Cabbage

Skunk Cabbage

First bloom of the season!  And a “fragrant” one at that.

Others to follow soon will be the hazelnuts and red maple.

Spring is coming…honest.

Happy Spring!

Later this week, the vernal equinox will occur.  March 20th also marks the occurrence of a total solar eclipse.

With longer days to come, the new season will begin heralding the emergence of a myriad of wildflowers and the unfurling of tree leaves throughout our area.

Here is a short list of some spring activities to consider:

Also, I have compiled four new wildflower field guides; you can view or download them here.

Happy trails!