The blooms of Spring have begun!

Last week’s warm temperatures and abundant sunshine plus a little rain have definitely helped kick-off the spring wildflower season.

In addition to Skunk Cabbage and Coltsfoot (as noted in prior posts), the hazelnuts began blooming a little over a week ago.  Other wildflowers are beginning to emerge as well.

Today, I spied the following during my walk along the Zim Smith Trail (between the trailhead in the Town of Halfmoon and Curry Road in the Village of Round Lake):



Great-spurred Violet

Marsh Marigold

Ground Ivy

Red Maple

Shepherd’s Purse

Whitlow Grass

If you frequently hike at a local trail, nature preserve or park, you might want to pay particular attention to the spring wildflowers that will continue to emerge and bloom over the next two months.  Each year, the greatest number of species begin blooming during May and June.

Happy trails!


3 thoughts on “The blooms of Spring have begun!

  1. Wish your blog had been around when my kids were small! The resources available for my attempts to teach them about local wildflowers and trees were not the best. I’m learning so much more about the local wildflowers, trees and trails from your blog. I really appreciate it.

    • Wow – THANK YOU! I am so pleased that you find the information and links provided on my blog to be helpful and that you enjoy learning more about nature in our local area. I deeply appreciate your feedback.

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