Reluctant bloomer

A sunny, but chilly, day.  I was motivated to go look for another sign of spring.

Since I am continuing my wildflower inventory of Zim Smith Trail, I decided to amble along the northernmost segment between Overpass Road and Oak Street.  With a somewhat brisk breeze, the woods and wetlands adjoining this trail segment were uncharacteristically quiet today.  No frogs and few birds were in a mood to serenade.

I found very few flowering plants.  But, I enjoyed my first sighting of the season of –

Sharp-lobed Hepatica

Sharp-lobed Hepatica

In this patch of hepaticas, this was one of only three whose flowers had fully opened today.

A few scattered Coltsfoot were also in bloom.  My biggest surprise was finding a single Wake Robin; while its leaves had not yet fully unfurled, they nevertheless revealed a plump flower bud.

This discovery yielded the hope and certainty of a colorful unveiling of the remainder of spring.  Enjoy the journey – and your own discoveries.  Happy trails!


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