Another day of sunshine = a few more blooms

Now that we’ve enjoyed a few consecutive days of sunshine, I thought it necessary to wander along a couple of local trails in hopes of finding a few more wildflowers in bloom, or, at least some sign of emergence so as to leave us with some hope of blooms to come.  I chose these particular destinations because I am continuing wildflower inventories at both.

First stop, Bauer Environmental Park in the Town of Colonie.  This park is located between Sand Creek Road and Sunset Boulevard.  In the near future, I will add this destination to my Area Nature Preserves, Parks and Trails page; stay tuned.

While making my way along the boardwalk, I viewed –





Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy

I then stopped at the Dwaas Kill Nature Preserve in the Town of Clifton Park.  I only observed a couple of these during my visit –

Round-lobed Hepatica

Round-lobed Hepatica

This string of consecutive sunny days appears as though it will continue for several more; hope you find an opportunity to get out to your favorite spot and soak up some vitamin D.

Happy trails!


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