Spring Woodland Wildflower Sampler #2

On my way to the office on this chilly but sunny Monday morning, I stopped by the Ann Lee Pond Nature and Historic Preserve (located in the Town of Colonie) to do a quick peek at what spring wildflowers were in bloom.

Given the continuing rains we have been experiencing, the trails were soggy.  In fact, there were many sizeable puddles (some ankle deep!) along each trail.  No worries for me.  I typically wear rubber knee boots for just such (frequent) occasions!

I was disheartened because I was unable to find a single emerging Painted Trillium.  For the past several years, I had found only one in bloom along the loop trail.  Not this year.  Perhaps not again?

However, I did find these blooms along my way –

Sessile-leaved Bellwort


Highbush Blueberry

Dwarf Ginseng

Wild Sarsaparilla (Blooms are below the leaf along left edge of image.)

Wild Sarsaparilla (Close-up view of blooms.)


Common Wintercress

Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood (Close-up view of blooms.)

Marsh Marigold

Happy trails!


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