Introducing Wildflower Information Stations – Town Park

Before heading off to work today, I placed a Wildflower Information Station along the nature trail at Town Park in the Town of Halfmoon.  For those of you who frequent that park, take a stroll along the south loop near the apartment buildings.  Look along the left side of the trail as you head south and you’ll notice (for the next couple of weeks) a little sign located just beyond the mowed area adjoining the edge of the trail.

Wildflower Info Station – Maiden’s-tears (located along south loop across from apartment buildings)

If you have a smartphone, use your QuickRead bar code scanner to download info about each wildflower mentioned at each information station.

As the seasons progresses, one or more signs will be placed elsewhere along the trail to replace this sign to continue to educate visitors about other wildflowers that can be observed at this park.

This is a collaborative project with the Town of Halfmoon Parks Department.  If you observe any of these signs during a visit, please let me know what you think about your experience.

During my visit, I saw these blooms elsewhere along the trail –

Common Wintercress

Woodland Strawberry

Ground Ivy

Thyme-leaved Speedwell

Wild Geranium

Wild Strawberry


Field Pennycress

Dwarf Cinquefoil


Golden Alexanders

Morrow’s Honeysuckle

Garlic Mustard

Happy trails!


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