Spring Woodland Wildflower Sampler #3

On my way to the office yesterday, the day’s sunny beginning inspired me to stop at Bauer Environmental Park (located in the Town of Colonie) to see if I could find any Painted Trillium in bloom.  I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing that particular beautiful wildflower in bloom on any of my wildflower inventory walks this spring.  I’m glad I stopped!

A walk along this boardwalk trail offered these blooms to enjoy –

Pink Lady’s-slipper

Painted Trillium

Yellow Clintonia


Small-flowered Crowfoot


Canada Mayflower

Common Blue Violet

Sweet White Violet

Marsh Blue Violet

Bulbous Buttercup – note that sepals are pointed downward


Since I was rewarded with not only seeing a Painted Trillium but also my first Pink Lady’s-slipper of the year, I decided to make an additional quick stop at Ann Lee Pond Nature and Historic Preserve (located nearby, also in the Town of Colonie) to check on the blooming status of another of my favorite spring woodland wildflowers.

After a brisk walk across the new bridge across Ann Lee Pond, I walked that path a short distance to where it forks in the woods.  I found one of those shrubs, Early Azalea, to be loaded with many plump flower buds.  They should be opening very soon!

I found these blooms during my short visit –

Fig Buttercup


Black Chokeberry

Morrow’s Honeysuckle

Bell’s Honeysuckle

Happy trails!


3 thoughts on “Spring Woodland Wildflower Sampler #3

  1. I was not aware of this park (located 4 minutes from my son’s house!). I hoped to see the Lady’s Slippers & Painted Trillium, but didn’t find them. Did you stay on the boardwalk?

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