UPDATE #2: A New Wildflower Information Station at Shenantaha Creek Park

Yesterday afternoon I placed the fourth (and final) Wildflower Information Station along the nature trail at Shenantaha Creek Park.  For those of you who frequent that park and walk along the nature trail, you’ll notice this sign (for the next couple of weeks) off the left side of the trail shortly after it first goes along the cliff overlooking Ballston Creek.  (The first three information stations have been removed for the season.)

Wildflower Info Station-Bush Honeysuckle

Bush Honeysuckle

If you have a smartphone, use your QuickRead bar code scanner to download info about the wildflower mentioned at this information station.

This is a collaborative project with the Town of Malta Department of Parks, Recreation, and Human Services.  If you have observed any of these signs during a visit, please let me know what you think about your experience.

During my visit, I saw these blooms elsewhere along the trail –

Marsh Bedstraw

Field Hawkweed

Common Cinquefoil

Common Speedwell

Silvery Cinquefoil

False Solomon’s Seal

Canada Mayflower

Mountain Maple


Dwarf Cinquefoil

Black Medick

Prickly Dewberry

Lesser Stitchwort

Happy trails!


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