UPDATE: A New Wildflower Information Station at Town Park

Yesterday morning, I placed the second Wildflower Information Station along the north loop of the nature trail at Town Park in the Town of Halfmoon.  For those of you who frequent that park and walk along the nature trail, you’ll notice this sign (for the next couple of weeks) off the right side of the trail where it overlooks the constructed wetland (with Town Highway Department buildings in the distant background.  (The first information station is still there as we await the blooming of that wildflower; it appears to be later than normal.)

Wildflower Info Station – Large Blue Flag (located along north loop overlooking constructed wetland; note Town Highway buildings in distant background)

Wildflower Info Station – Large Blue Flag (some are blooming in the background as well as many Yellow Flag Iris, which is an invasive species)

If you have a smartphone, use your QuickRead bar code scanner to download info about the wildflower mentioned at this information station.

This is a collaborative project with the Town of Halfmoon Parks Department.  If you have observed any of these signs during a visit, please let me know what you think about your experience.

During my visit, I saw these blooms elsewhere along the trail –

Common Blackberry

White Clover

Red Clover

Field Sorrel

Tall Buttercup

Asiatic Bittersweet

Summer Grape

Wild Geranium

Cow Vetch

Bristly Dewberry

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Lesser Stitchwort

Ground Ivy

Cranberry Viburnum

Golden Alexanders

Bittersweet Nightshade

Happy trails!


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