Summertime Wildflower Sampler #2

During my wildflower inventory visit today to Anchor Diamond Park at Hawkwood in the Town of Ballston, I decided to take some extra time to explore the wetland area bordering the clear-flowing stream that enters the property from the far west end of Hawkwood Trail (white markers).  I’m so glad I did!  Within an area about the equivalent of the footprint of an average home, I found a surprising variety of blooming wildflowers.

Here’s a sampling of what I observed –

Arrow-leaved Tearthumb

Clayton’s Bedstraw

Blue Vervain


Water Horehound

False Pimpernel

Big Bur Reed

Wild Mint

Spotted Joe-Pye Weed

Canada Thistle

Common Smartweed

Spotted Jewelweed

Ditch Stonecrop


Dwarf St. Johnswort

While quietly and slowing walking about wetland area in search of another bloom, I noticed that I was being observed by the watchful eye of this spectator –

Great Blue Heron

While walking the woodland trails, I also observed these blooming wildflowers –

Mad-dog Skullcap

Indian Pipe:  New blooms on the left, stems and empty seed pods from last year on the right

Happy trails!


3 thoughts on “Summertime Wildflower Sampler #2

  1. I have been checking out your blog since I found it on the MHLC site. I am a branch ambassador and hike host for the Capital District branch of Hike it Baby. On Friday I led a wildflower hike at Ashford Glen Preserve and used some of the photos of July blooms from your slideshow to hunt flowers with toddlers. It was such a fun hike and kept them curious and looking around. We even saw a few fish in the creek! Thanks for sharing your love of plants and nature!

    • Very happy to hear that some of my wildflower photos were used to engage children explore their natural world – thanks for sharing! Glad to hear you discovered and toured Ashford Glen Preserve – it is a wonderful gem. If you have not already done so, please view the wildflower guide I compiled for Ashford Glen Preserve, or any of the other twenty wildflower field guides for area nature preserves, parks and trails available elsewhere on my blog as a free download. Happy trails!

    • Thanks so much! I hope to keep exploring and complete the Mohawk Hudson trails by the end of fall. I am always looking for themes and different ways to engage the toddlers and older children on our hikes. Wildflowers seem to captivate them. Thanks again for sharing your content!

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