Fall Colors Stroll

Today’s spectacular weather beckoned me outdoors.  I chose to take a stroll along the Community Connector Trail from the base of the Twin Bridges to the trail bridge over the outlet of Wager Pond.

Trail bridge over outlet of Wager’s Pond

Outlet of Wager’s Pond

View of Mohawk River and outlet of Wager’s Pond

View my fall colors sampler –

Virginia Creeper

Upper colored leaves = Sugar Maple, Lower colored leaves = American Basswood

Smooth Arrowwood

Northern Prickly Ash

Asiatic Bittersweet – note the Black-capped Chickadee just left of the twisted trunk of the left tree

Three-seeded Mercury

Hog Peanut

Blue-stemmed Goldenrod

White Wood Aster

Wild Columbine

Common Witch-hazel sans flowers

Chestnut Oak

Happy trails!


2 thoughts on “Fall Colors Stroll

    • Eric,
      Sorry, but I simply do not know. A quick online search revealed nothing specific to this species, but other species in the same family are likely to cause skin irritation.

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