First Ski in New Year

With the passing of last week’s polar vortex and before this week’s rainfall, I thought today would be my best chance to get out and do a little cross-country skiing; my first time in the New Year.

I selected Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve in the Town of Clifton Park.  I parked at the end of Ferry Drive because I wanted to principally ski along the Community Connector Trail and the small parking lot at the other end of this trail in the Town of Halfmoon was not plowed.

Others before me had braved the recent cold and wind to set a very nice track all along my route.  The result:  excellent conditions!

Some scenes I observed along the trail –

Route through riparian forest bordering Mohawk River

Sign about Tommy’s Trail

Mohawk River overlook from Tommy’s Trail

View of Wager’s Pond (in background beyond trees in middle of photo)

I also saw/heard:

View the route that I skied today (approximately 9.75 miles in all).

Happy trails!


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