World Bee Day

What’s all the buzz about?  Bees!  (Read why bees buzz.)

Bees are the most important and probably also the most widely recognized group of pollinators.  Pollinators help with the production of 75% of the world’s food crops, principally fruits and vegetables, through their routine acts of collecting their food – pollen and nectar – from the blooms on those food crop plants. Therefore, as more communities, counties, regions and states seek to implement strategies and other actions to achieve food security, their considerations must include the health and welfare of bees (and other pollinators).

Today is World Bee Day, a United Nations event slated each year on May 20.

View close-up portrait photographs and learn about some of the wild bees of New York, including their behavior.  View the index to find a particular species.

Bees produce honey, a sweet and nutritious food in itself.  Because honey is prepared from nectar that the bees harvest locally to their hives, it is best if you purchase local honey if you also suffer from allergies.  Consuming honey that is produced from the wildflowers nearest you may help you slowly build an immunity to the allergens that cause your suffering.  Read more.  Food for thought.  Check out a local farm or farmers market to see what local honey is available for purchase.

Take time today, even if only for a short walk, and salute those industrious and critically important insects as you enjoy the continuing unveiling of more spring season wildflowers coming into bloom.

Painted Trillium

Happy trails!

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