UPDATE: Songbird Epidemic

This is a final update on the songbird epidemic for which I provided an update on 8/3/2021 after my initial post on 7/14/2021.

There is good news to share—cases of the mystery bird disease are no longer being reported. All 11 states that had issued do-not-feed recommendations have now lifted their restrictions, or they were allowed to expire.

As of yet, a cause of this bird disease has not been determined. Several scientists have pointed out that the ailment has been concentrated in areas where “Brood X” periodical cicadas had a big emergence this spring.  Accordingly, one theory is that this disease may be tied to that event. While plausible, there has so far been no confirmation. And some birds apparently suffering from this condition have been found in areas where no Brood X cicadas emerged.

Anyway, you may safely start feeding birds in your yard once again. Keep those binoculars handy and enjoy the show!

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