Late Summer Stoll along the Champlain Canal

Yesterday, I concluded my wildflower inventory of the Historic Champlain Canalway Trail segment located in the Town of Waterford.  I found a few more species to add to my list; I am ready to expand my wildflower field guide for this trail, which will now include the segment in this town as well as a longer segment in the Town of Halfmoon.

Yesterday’s mostly sunny sky and blooming wildflowers belied the fact that autumn is rapidly approaching.  A sneak peek at fall colors is beginning to appear everywhere.

Lopseed exhibiting its fall foliage

During my outing, I observed the following –

Blue-stemmed Goldenrod

Gray Goldenrod

Calico Aster

Tall Goldenrod

Late Goldenrod

Garden Phlox

Climbing False Buckwheat

Canada Goldenrod

Cranberry Viburnum fruit – while edible, I don’t like their flavor.

Pale Jewelweed

Virginia Creeper fruit – highly toxic to humans.


Spotted Jewelweed

Gray Dogwood fruit – important food for songbirds.

Common Evening Primrose


Purple-stemmed Aster

Hog Peanut

Hog Peanut seedpods – these seeds are not edible.

Flat-topped Goldenrod

Autumn-olive fruit – can be made into a jam high in lycopene.

Devil’s Beggar Ticks (AKA Sticktight)

Tall Rattlesnake Root

Happy trails!



Summertime Wildflower Sampler

After yet another soggy week, today’s sunshine beckoned me to take another stroll along the Historic Champlain Canalway trail.  I returned to the segment in the Town of Waterford to continue my wildflower inventory.

Here is a sampling of what I observed –

Creeping Thyme


Woodland Sunflower


Blue Plantain-lily (someone must have planted three plants along the trail)

Garden Phlox


Smooth Sumac

White Vervain

Sulphur Cinquefoil

Dillen’s Tick Trefoil

Purple Loosestrife

Red-osier Dogwood

Ripening now – American Black Currant; Recipes to consider:  Currant Parfait and Cherry Ginger Chicken with Currants


Wild Mint

Mad-dog Skullcap

Check out my revised page for the Historic Champlain Canalway Trail, now with information and photos of the trail segment in the Town of Waterford.

Happy trails!

Big Bird and a Bouquet of Blooms

Stretched my legs for a relaxing hike along the Historic Champlain Canalway Trail in the Town of Waterford today to celebrate my pre-holiday day of vacation.  Bountiful sunshine was a wonderful bonus.

Not far beyond the railroad bridge, I glimpsed the long wing of a large bird flying above the tree canopy overhead.  After shuffling along a little further while continuing my wildflower inventory here, I spied the silhouette of my trailside companion –

Great Blue Heron

Here is the virtual bouquet of wildflower blooms I found along the way –


Pointed-leaved Tick Trefoil

Common Blue-eyed Grass

Lesser Daisy Fleabane

Enchanter’s Nightshade

Asiatic Dayflower

Yellow Wood Sorrel

Great Chickweed


Virginia Stickseed


Deptford Pink

Orange Daylily

Horse Nettle


Bouncing Bet

Fringed Loosestrife

Tall Meadow Rue

Daisy Fleabane

Hedge Bindweed

Creeping Bellflower

Water Hemlock

Common St. Johnswort

Rough Cinquefoil

And one last splash of color –

Red Baneberry fruit

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy trails!

A Stroll along the Canalway

At last!  The return of sunshine!

After such a soggy week, it felt good to stretch my legs and take a stroll along the Historic Champlain Canalway trail.  I headed to the segment in the Town of Waterford to continue my wildflower inventory.

In addition to numerous blooms, I also enjoyed the songs of many birds throughout my outing.

Here is a sampling of what I observed –

Summer Grape

Asiatic Bittersweet


Philadelphia Fleabane

Cranberry Viburnum  (NOTE:  Larger florets are infertile. The fertile flowers are those clustered within the outer ring of larger florets.)

Field Hawkweed

Alternate-leaved Dogwood

Yellow Sweet Clover

Tall Buttercup

Great Chickweed


White Campion

Thyme-leaved Sandwort

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

Happy trails!