Sowing Wildflower Seeds and Hope for a Future Meadow

Thanks to the visionary leadership of Frank Berlin in all things open space, a portion of the former landfill at the Clifton Park transfer station is in a transformative stage of becoming a meadow, of sorts, one complete with a growing population of wildflower species.

View recent efforts at sowing of wildflower seeds.  View a brief video.

During the waning hours of sunlight last Tuesday afternoon, some local Brownies and Junior Girl Scouts provided the labor source to sow wildflower seeds that Frank and Nancy Berlin had collected over the previous month.  These young ladies arrived thanks to the recruitment efforts of Isabel Prescott.  Read more about it.

Another view of sowing wildflower seeds.

Thanks to Nancy and Isabella and also to the Girl Scouts and their adult leaders who answered Frank’s request to help beautify another corner of Clifton Park.  And, special thanks to Frank, for your never-ending visionary leadership and unwavering enthusiasm!