Third Bloom of the Season!

Despite the current prolonged spell of cold nights, it was with great optimism today when I chose to head outside for a walk. I decided to explore the West Sky Natural Area in the Town of Clifton Park to continue my wildflower inventory along its trails.

This weekend’s warmer temperatures and longer patches of sunny skies helped to encourage this to bloom in a patch approximately 20 feet long containing scattered individuals.


Beaked Hazelnut is now in full bloom along this trail; every shrub is exhibiting open female and male flowers. In addition, Skunk Cabbage is just past the peak of its blooming season. Also, the leaves of several other species have finally begun to emerge, including Broad-leaved Dock, Catchweed Bedstraw, Marsh Marigold, and Pennsylvania Bittercress. Spring has finally begun to exhibit some plant life heralding its arrival.

Happy trails!