Sneak Peak of “Spring Season Wildflowers”

After yesterday’s sunshine and near 60 degrees (and the remainder of this week’s forecast for cold rain / sleet / snow), are you like me also looking forward to some greenery and a more colorful landscape of blooming wildflowers?  (How could you say “no” to that?)

Then I hope you’ll join me on April 10 for a colorful presentation filled with images of our local wildflowers that are annually on display each spring.  I’ll also share some curious anecdotes about these blooming beauties.

For a sneak peak of this presentation, please view a slide about Red Trillium and others about Bellwort and Black Chokeberry.

For more colorful images and curious information, join us on April 10 at 7pm at Historic Grooms Tavern in Clifton Park!

Fresh tracks, then a sighting of a…

Today, I returned to Anchor Diamond Park at Hawkwood in the Town of Ballston to do a walk-through rehearsal of my upcoming winter plant ID walk on February 29.  (Please view my Events page for more info on this and all other upcoming walks during 2020.)

Three weeks ago when I was scouting out my proposed route, I came across these Fisher tracks –

Fisher tracks

Today, I came across these very fresh tracks –

“Very fresh” American Mink tracks

“Very fresh” as in I walked another 100 feet or so and watched a critter frolicking on the ice atop Delevan Creek near the intersection of the Yellow Trail with the end of the White Trail – view a very brief video.  The Fisher tracks were on the opposite side of Delevan Creek, less than a hundred yards from these – seems to be a popular foraging area!  View this short news segment differentiating between a Fisher and a Mink.

Here’s hoping you cross paths with one of them on your future visit to this wonderful park.

Happy trails!

Final Preview – Part 3 of Sneak Peak Preview of “Forensic Botanizing: Winter Plant ID”

Today, I returned to Anchor Diamond Park at Hawkwood in the Town of Ballston to get another glimpse of what we might encounter on February 29.  I will be conducting a winter plant identification walk that afternoon along parts of several trails – I hope you will join me for this fun outing!

I found these additional plants along the route.  How many can you identify?  (Click on any photo to enlarge it.)  Simply click on “Answer” immediately beneath each photo to reveal the identity of each plant.  Have fun!

Hope to see you on February 29!

Happy trails!